Hogwarts Legacy Already Has Half a Million Players on Steam

Hogwarts Legacy has been a highly anticipated video game title based in the same universe as the massively successful Harry Potter universe. Now, it appears that the popularity of the series of fantasy books and movies have also affected the game, with its Steam player count crossing a major milestone.

Hogwarts Legacy has managed to see one of the biggest early access launches in Steam history. For those unaware, Steam is a major name in the industry, known for distributing games and other software. This is also the platform where many studios offer early access to their upcoming titles. The Harry Potter universe based game from Avalanche Software is an RPG title (Role Playing Game) and has already seen a concurrent player peak of over 400,000.

Hogwarts Legacy

To be exact, around 474,144 people had bought the game and were playing it at the same time. This figure has almost reached the 500,000 mark as well. According to Benji Sales on Twitter, this marks the second highest player count for any paid single player game in the history of Steam. Meaning, the game has successfully surpassed Fallout 4, which saw 472,962 concurrent players, and puts it right behind Cyberpunk 2077. Although, 2077 brought in a player count that crossed a whopping 1 million.

The early access period is still live and will end later on February 10 (or later today depending on your local time standard). Keep in mind that the early access was was only offered to players who bought the Deluxe Edition of the open world RPG. Furthermore, Hogwarts Legacy has also become the top single player game ever on Twitch, with over 1 million peak concurrent viewers as well.



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