Hisense Hi Reader e-book reader with UNISOC T610 chipset launched

Chinese innovative tech company Hisense has a long history with eBook readers and even smartphones with e-ink displays. The company has now launched a new gadget dubbed Hisense Hi Reader e-book reader. The product carries a decent price tag of 1799 yuan (~$282) but availability details are not known at the moment.

As the name implies, the device is a dedicated e-Book reader but it features a compact, smartphone-sized build. It comes with a thickness of 7.5mm, weighing 177g making it about 20% e-readers. Thus, users won’t get fatigued easily if the gadget is held for long. Hisense Hi Reader e-book reader

In terms of display, the Hisense Hi Reader is equipped with a 6.7-inch e-ink screen with a pixel density of 300ppi, a right-angle frame design, a screen ratio of up to 84%. The display also supports 36-level DC dimming, and automatically adjusts without flicker.  According to reports, the reader can adapt to the surrounding environment in automatic mode, automatically adjust the reading brightness in order to meet the reading needs of various ambient light. Hisense Hi Reader e-book reader

The gadget is powered by a UNISOC T610 Octa-core chipset clocked at 1.8GHz. The processor is paired with 4GB of RAM. There is 64GB of storage onboard the device. Under the hood, it crams a built-in 3000mAh battery. It runs on the 10 operating system. Hisense Hi Reader e-book reader

In terms of system experience, Hisense Hi Reader adopts a minimalist, efficient, and easy-to-use style, and performs scene-based UI processing on the desktop frame of the reader. The four tabs of bookshelf, bookstore, application, and settings are arranged in sequence, and slide to select, support User personal preferences, custom label attributes.


Via: gizmochina.com

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