Here’s why the foldable iPhone will turn the market upside down

If you’ve been following industry rumors, you’ll know that one of the major stories that have been the center of attention is the possibility that will release a foldable iPhone soon. But how much of an impact will this have on the market?

In a discussion, SamMobile writer Abhijeet Mishra suggests that ’s entry into the foldable game may be the risk required for these devices to truly take off and enter consumers’ pockets. The vast popularity of users will begin to try foldable smartphones.

Will the Foldable iPhone change the game?

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Despite having a system of custom reactions to notifications for a long time. It took to play the game to see developers really care about the feature.

This, however, is not limited to software. What was the reaction of manufacturers in the hardware industry, for example, when removed the headphone jack? Following several advertisements criticizing Apple, they were on the same path…

The list of examples grows. Consider Windows notebook batteries that have gained a battery life boost to compete with MacBooks. Or some manufacturers who have already announced plans to implement the dynamic island. Which debuted on the iPhone 14 Pro, on their devices.

The truth is that is almost always late in adopting new technologies, despite the brand’s fans reporting that this is due to the company’s desire to improve these features before releasing them to the general public, and this should be no different with foldable smartphones.

However, it is also true that sometimes only ’s strength and influence are able to truly shape a new trend.

So it’s possible that we won’t see a really strong flow to make these devices have real advantages over the “standard” form factor, offering more than just a bigger screen or a more compact body, until the brand decides to launch its own foldable.

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