Here are Google’s Favourite Chrome Extensions

Many of us are already aware of what browser extensions are. Basically, they allow us to further modify the browser according to our needs. They surely make our task easy and we try to find out and use the best possible extension for whatever the purpose it is. Chrome comes with millions of different extensions and each one of them serves a different purpose. While some of them are really very famous, some of them aren’t. Well, now has officially released a list of their favourite extensions available on Chrome. While the list has many names which you might have heard multiple times, there are some names which you never heard as well.

The brand has officially posted the list of its favourite Chrome extensions on its very own blog. The brand has selected some popular extensions from the four different areas; productivity, focus, and viewing, and learning. After selecting the popular ones, the brand further checked their usage and based upon that, they finally chose a few winners in each field. There is a total of 6 different extensions announced by as their favourite. Let’s have a look at them.

Under the productivity field, has declared these extensions are their favourites; Tango: An app that automatically generates a how-to guide when you record yourself walking through a process, SwiftRead: A speed reading app that claims to help users read two to three times faster, Liner: A research tool that lets you highlight, save, organize, and get reading recommendations, Compose AI: An AI writing tool, Visbug: A tool that allows designers to make alterations to text and images on websites and Check US Visa Slots: Allows you to check for US visa openings.

Workona Tab Manager and CrXMouse Chrome Gestures were the two choices in the focus category. The first extension helps in managing all of your open tabs, while the second generates unique mouse shortcuts. only chose two extensions for viewing and gaming. RoPro, the top choice in this category, was created with Roblox users in mind. The game gains new functionality thanks to this addon. The runner-up was eJoy, which lets users view movies and videos with dual subtitles in many languages to improve their language skills.

There were just 2 choices in the final category, learning, which was geared toward students. The first option was a digital arithmetic tool called Equatio, and the second was MyBib: Free Citation Generator. That’s all there was to the list of favourite extensions chosen by Google.



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