Haier Casarte Hybrid water heater with three heating modes unveiled in China for 10,999 yuan ($1,591)

Consumer electronics maker Haier has launched the Casarte Hybrid water heater in China. The new water heater can operate either from gas or electricity power input. It has three heating modes to suit the needs of users at any time. The new water heater is from Haier's high-end home appliance brand Casarte.

The Haier Hybrid gas-electric water heater offers a comfortable bathing experience with constant temperature, quietness, and a large volume that can serve the entire household. The gas-electric hybrid water heater has three heating modes namely hybrid, gas, and electric. The hot water is produced faster in the hybrid mode with the electric constant temperature cabin. The gas heating mode brings a longer-lasting large amount of water while the pure electric mode brings silent water heating.

Haier Casarte Hybrid water heater helps conserve energy with three working modes

The Haier Hybrid water heater has a 16-liter water capacity. It integrates a fan, a gas proportional valve, a special water pump, and an AI smart chip. The water output of the new heater is 170% higher than previous models. It has a built-in powerful DC frequency conversion circulating water pump that can heat cold water in advance. The product has the China Standardization Association certification as the only gas-electric hybrid in the market.

Haier Casarte Hybrid water heater

The Haier Hybrid water heater is now available in China at a retail price of 10,999 yuan (~$1,591). There are no global availability details yet for the product. The product is however expected to enter overseas markets due to its premium standard and excellent hybrid features. More details will be released by Haier subsequently.


Via: gizmochina.com

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