Grand Theft Auto V Up and Running on Android

Emulators. If you aren't already in the know, there is a massive online community dedicated to getting game titles from consoles and PCs to work on . It's a beautiful thing when a group of people come together, with the latest achievement of this work being Grand Theft Auto V up and running on an Android device.

The Poco F3 was working overtime to make it work, though. Powered by a Snapdragon 870 chipset, the phone's 8GB RAM was running at 90% overload according to the video's uploader, Luis Test. For more technical insight into what's happening, I recommend checking out the dedicated Emulation on Android subreddit thread.

For us normals who don't dabble in emulation, seeing GTA V up and running on Android device is a good thing. All past GTA titles are available to play on Android, with V being the exception. In my mind, all Rockstar needs to do is cut the online game mode and then optimize the graphics enough to get it running smoothly. Couple that with controller support and we're good to go, I'd say.

In reality, I'm sure there will be much more to do be done, but maybe one day we will see it happen. And since we're on the subject, how about that GTA VI trailer, eh? Only another year+ to go. My body is ready.

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