Google starts integrating Bard AI chatbot in ChromeOS

We are now in the era of generative AI chatbots which makes internet search easier than we can imagine. ChatGPT is making waves in the tech industry at the moment and has swiftly invested in OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT. and other brands will not be left behind thus they are working on their own option.  According to 9to5Google, Google is working hard to integrate the Bard AI chatbot in ChromeOS. Google plans to introduce an experimental feature called “Conversational Search” in ChromeOS. It will provide a chat interaction experience similar to ChatGPT.

The media believes that will invite users to test through the experimental Flag method in the ChromeOS system in the future. What is available at the moment from the Flag info is shown below

  • Launcher experiment: conversational search.
  • Evaluate the viability of session search as part of the launcher search.

After enabling this experimental flag, ChromeOS will put off the launcher’s built-in search function (search files, applications and network). Instead, it will then activate Bard’s chat interface. At the moment, things are still a work in progress, so it’s possible this design could change before release. Bard AI chatbot on Chromebooks will appear as a separate page from the ChromeOS Bubble Launcher. Just the way Assistant does today – with a scrollable conversation history and a search bar.

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Bard AI chatbot

ChromeOS will integrate 365

announced that it plans to integrate 365 into ChromeOS later this year. ChromeOS already supports Microsoft 365 and OneDrive Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). However, Google intends to go a step further, promising “to integrate 365 directly on ChromeOS later this year, making it easier to install apps and open files.”

Microsoft 365

Judging from the screenshots released by Google, users can directly set up Microsoft 365 in ChromeOS. They can download and install Microsoft Family Bucket with one click and transfer files to Microsoft OneDrive.  says more details about the integration will be shared “in the coming months,”. Also, ChromeOS testers in the dev and test channels will have earlier access to the new feature.

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