Google Stadia shut down: Ubisoft offers an option

’s cloud platform Stadia had previously announced that it would close on Jan. 18, 2023. After the incident, game manufacturer Ubisoft announced that it is stepping up support for game transfers to help players transfer games purchased on Stadia. This means that all Ubisoft games that users purchased on Stadia will work on PC.

Ubisoft recently officially announced specific measures:

“We’re excited to tell you that we’re bringing your Ubisoft games purchased on Stadia to Ubisoft Connect PC. If the game is available on PC, it will automatically appear on the Ubisoft account with link to your Stadia account. You will receive the same or a better version of the game you purchased on Stadia. You’ll be able to keep progress on PC for any cross progression supported games you own. Note that users will not be able to transfer virtual currency from Stadia to PC. To avoid loss, use your virtual currency before Stadia shuts down on Jan. 18, 2023”.

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Stadia shut down is official

After several denials that Stadia is not shutting down, the company officially confirms its shut down. Phil Harrison, Google’s vice president, wrote in a blog post: “While Stadia’s consumer-facing streaming game is built on a strong foundation of tech, it hasn’t achieved the user traction we expect, and we must not. Without making the tough decision, start a gradual shut down of our streaming service, Stadia. The team will be assigned to other parts of the company”. This is coming after an initial denial that the Stadia is not shutting down.

Google Stadia

For Google, Stadia is a chance to put its cloud streaming tech to work and enable massive experiences, Phil said. The Stadia page shows that Stadia servers will be shut down on Jan. 18. Before now, the company wanted Stadia to compete with other gaming services such as Sony’s PlayStation Plus cloud streaming, Amazon’s Luna and ’s Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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