Google Play Store finally allows third-party payments

Some platforms have long permitted the use of a payment method other than the Store’s standard payment method. Store and Play Store were an exception. We can now officially confirm that the latter has enabled third-party payments. Together, let’s learn all the details.

Play Store now accepts third-party payment methods from other sources

introduced its trial option of user choice billing program, which was first launched in collaboration with Spotify, to everyone’s surprise in March of this year. You can enter alternative payment methods to be offered alongside (and not in place of) those from the Play Store using this software.

But now that the testing phase has begun in Play Store. The company has made the software available to any interested (non-game) application developers. Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, and the European Economic Area will also be part of it. As can be seen on the official website.

Play Store developers must register and declare alternative billing systems on a form known as the Alternative Billing System Declaration Form in order to take part in the program. Developers must continue to pay the necessary fees. But if an alternative payment mechanism is in use, fees get a reduction by 4%. When the initiative is formally official in the upcoming months, further information will be available.

has always been a uniquely open operating system. And we continue to evolve our platform and increase the choices available to developers and users. While maintaining our ability to invest in the ecosystem. We will be sharing more in the coming months as we continue to build and iterate with our pilot partners.” A spokesperson said in a statement.

The Mountain View-based company’s decision to roll out third-party billing across many areas will put pressure on to follow suit. Following pressure from local regulators, the iPhone manufacturer now provides alternative invoicing for all applications in South Korea, reader apps in Japan, and dating apps in the Netherlands.

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