Google Play Books Gets a Fancy New Logo

I don't think I've opened Play Books in 7 or 8 years, but that streak has since ended, as I did so today to check out the new logo/icon that's rolling out. It is very much a modernized take on the old logo that still fits the app's long-running identity without going full Google.

This updated look is arriving as version 2023. in case you go looking for it. As far as I can tell, this is simply an icon change rather than a bigger update. Still, we like shiny new things even if they are just an icon.

That said, Google did just announce that new Reading Practice mode is arriving for kids in Google Play Books to help with their vocabulary and comprehension skills. As a parent of a kid going through all of that fun, I'm actually looking forward to using it over the summer. Learning never stops, friends.

Here's another look at the new icon, which I'm sure you have opinions about.

Google Play Link: Google Play Books


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