Google Pixel Watch could come with support for skin gestures

The Pixel Watch could be released this year as the very first smartwatch from the company. The gadget has already been leaked to run Wear OS with a number of exclusive features that won’t be available on other Wear OS devices. And as if that’s not enough, it will also reportedly come with a “skin interface,” allowing gestures on the skin to control the watch.

The information comes from LetsGoDigital (via PhoneArena) which recently uncovered a mid-2020 patent filing from made to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) called “Skin interface for Wearables: Sensor fusion to improve signal quality.”

Via LetsGoDigital

Using the technology, Pixel Watch users will be able to provide gesture inputs simply by tapping or running their fingers on the skin surrounding the device. Something similar is also possible for the Pixel Buds, with skin inputs controlling the music track or volume levels.

For the Pixel Watch, the wrist, forearm, or the back of the hand would be the perfect place to make swipe or tap gestures. While for the earbuds, the skin in front of the ear could be the perfect spot.

The gestures work by the gadget registering the “mechanical wave” they create using an accelerometer and other sensors. likes to call the tech “Sensor Fusion.”

As for when the technology will be making its way to the Pixel Watch or the Pixel Buds, there is no information as of yet but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled so stay tuned. A Pixel Watch launch is expected quite soon, though, considering it has already made an appearance on an inventory system.



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