Google Messages Gets a Bunch of New Advanced Features

Messages is doing its best to become an ultra-advanced messaging platform on Android, thanks to RCS and Google’s heavy investment in it. While we wait for to decide to stop being a meanie face over iMessage, Google announced a list of new features coming soon that you’ll likely take advantage of.

First up, is giving you the ability to reply to individual messages by swiping over them. It should look like this.

Remember that sweet voice message transcription feature that announced alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro? They are expanding that to the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Galaxy S22 line, and the Galaxy Fold 4. That should look like this, in case you forgot.

is also adding the ability to set reminders for important moments like birthdays and anniversaries, a way to watch YouTube videos directly in the app, and free RCS messaging on United flights.

Google Messages YouTube

And finally, Messages will start suggesting that you “star” a message if it looks important enough to keep track of. Another suggestion could be to setup a Meet call or Calendar event. This should happen based on the context of your conversation, so be weirded out by that if it suits you.

All of these new features will begin rolling out over the coming weeks.


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