Google Meet Gets In-Meeting Emoji Reactions

Still on that video meeting grind? Yeah, aren't we all. Since this is our reality going forward for the most part, continues to find ways to spice things up or at least expand your ways of interacting while talking with colleagues (or family and friends).

In Google Meet, Google is is adding in-meeting emoji reactions that let you tell speakers or participants what you think without actually speaking. You could give someone a thumbs up (or down!) or sparkly heart or that god damn crying-laughing emoji face…please stop using it, world.

When those emoji reactions arrive for you, you'll see them in a bit of a stream on the left side of your screen with the names of the people who sent them. How nice.

If you'd like to share an emoji during a Google Meet session, you'll select the smile icon from the control bar and it'll give you this new reaction bar. If you hover over emoji you'll even get skin tones of choice.

Google says that these new emoji reactions are rolling out starting today and on throughout the month. They'll first arrive on Google Meet on Web, Meet Hardware devices, and iOS. support is apparently only coming “soon.” Dang, that still stings to write to this day.

Google Play Link: Google Meet


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