Google Maps Street View Gets New Historical View Feature on Mobile

This year marks 15 years of Street View on Maps. Street View has been given a couple of upgrades to celebrate this landmark. Street View on Google Maps for and iPhone now shows what popular locations used to look like up to 15 years ago. Additionally, Google has also launched an improved and lightweight camera for capturing Street View data more easily.

To date, Street View is constructed using over 220 billion images captured in 100+ countries and territories. With the new addition to the feature, you can simply open Maps on your iPhone or device. Then, open Street View, and you will be able to see the details of the location. If you then tap the See more dates option, you will be able to see the historical imagery of the area dating as far back as 2007 in some locations.

Additionally, is rolling out a new portable high-resolution camera designed to enable data capture in the remotest of areas, such as the Amazon Rainforest. The new camera has been redesigned to weigh less than 15 pounds. In Google’s words, it is around as big as a cat and can be secured to a backpack, body-worn rig, or car. The device will be available next year.


The new Street View camera will be a part of ’s existing lineup of Street View cars and Trekker backpacks, allowing the community to gather high-resolution images of places they visit.

Ther is one more change has incorporated into Street View. Usually, a chevron (arrow) icon represents the vehicle when Street View is active. This icon can now be replaced with a celebratory Street View car in the navigation mode. The Pegman indicator is also decked out in a birthday hat and balloons. However, this change is only visible on the desktop version of Street View.

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