Google Maps Immersive View Available in New Cities, Glanceable Directions Coming This Month

announced a few updates for Google Maps users this week, both on mobile and desktop platforms. For those waiting on glanceable directions, it's coming, I promise.

Google first detailed this feature in February, allowing you to check your trip progress from your lockscreen or route overview. According to Google, glanceable directions will start rolling out this month for walking, cycling, and driving modes on both and iOS. That's great news.

Google's new AI-powered immersive view, first detailed during Google I/O last month, is also arriving in four new cities: Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence and Venice. That will be little help to US residents, but if you're planning a trip, this is a good thing. Google's immersive view is also supporting 500 iconic landmarks currently across the globe.

For desktop users, Google heard complaints of organizing places people want to go. This is why Google created Recents on desktop, automatically organizing places you have researched into a highlight on the left side of the screen when you open Maps. With an update to this (rolling out next month), Google will save places in your Recent highlights even after you close your Google Maps window. This means no more losing progress on your trip planning.

Check out Google's full announcement by following the link below.

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