Google Lens is Here to Identify Your Skin Rash

detailed this morning in a blog post that it is bringing the ability to recognize skin conditions using Google Lens. Before we go any further, you should never use Lens to diagnose and treat health conditions, please leave that work to the professionals.

Back to the news, using Google Lens, a user can simply point their camera at their skin or upload a photo, then Google will find visually similar images which can help you identify what might possibly be going on. Furthermore, Google explains that this feature can be used to help you describe something on your skin, such as a bump on your lip or line in your nails.

In the images above, you can see that a photo of what appears to be atopic dermatitis was uploaded, with Google returning images of the condition for your own cross referencing. Super handy.

Reminder: Search results are informational only and not a diagnosis. Please consult your medical doctor for advice on identifying and treating medical conditions.

// Google


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