Google Killing Assistant Support on Old, Outdated Wear OS Watches

Have a Wear OS smartwatch that's still running Wear OS 2? We have bad news for you, as it's being reported that sometime soon, will be killing off Google Assistant for devices not running Wear OS 3+.

As discovered by the good people at 9to5Google, a new string inside the latest build of the Wear OS companion app states the following:

Google Assistant support on this watch is ending soon. Please upgrade to a newer watch that supports Google Assistant and runs Wear OS 3 or later.

We don't yet have an official kill date for Assistant on Wear OS 2, but with it popping up in the app, it must be coming soon. While I understand some folks wanting to hang onto hardware they enjoy, Wear OS definitely took positive steps in newer iterations, so if you're truly running Wear OS 2 right now and there's no intention from the maker to upgrade it, I think it's time to upgrade. Maybe the new Galaxy Watch 6 Classic? Just a thought.

We'll update you once we learn of an official deprecation date.

// 9to5Google


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