Google Kept One Million+ Malicious Apps off the Play Store in 2021

The operating system enjoys a large user base with several benefits that rival mobile operating systems like ’s iOS lack. This puts the responsibility on to keep user data such as credit cards, bank accounts, and biometric data safe. Google shares that it has been rather successful at this.

In a new blog post, details the progress it has made during the last year and some of the statistics suggest its efforts have been rather efficient at keeping scam applications and malicious developers off the Google Play Store and the OS.

The company boasts of its manual and automatic app review processes that successfully blocked over one million apps that violated the Play Store policies. The company also banned 190,000 developer accounts for malicious behavior. also highlights that its platform policies led over 98 percent of the apps on the Play Store to migrate to 11 or newer versions with lesser access to user data and APIs. Also blocked the collection of advertising ID data from apps designed for children.

’s post also mentions Pixel phones and the Security Core integrated into the new Tensor chip, alongside the Security hub introduced with 12. Android 13 is expected to improve the security on Pixel phones and Google’s stats are likely poised to soar higher.

[Via Google Security Blog]


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