Google I/O 2022: What we expect and how to watch

The annual I/O conference kicks off today. As in previous years, those who wish will be able to watch the video broadcast of the event. During the speech, the head of Google Sundar Pichai and his colleagues will talk about the key innovations of the current year, including, probably, both hardware solutions like the Pixel 6a, and software innovations, from Wear OS to Android.

The event itself will take place over two days in California. The broadcast of the main speech at I / O 2022 will begin at 5 pm GMT time. While the keynote will be available online to anyone interested, those who wish to read the developer’s keynote and watch videos from individual sessions must register on the event website.

What to expect from I/O 2022:

13: is likely to talk about the operating system improvements that will be available in the new 13, which replaces last year’s Android. According to some reports, the new OS will include support for spatial audio in Pixel 6 models and, for example, the connection of two mobile operators to one eSIM;

WearOS: The operating system for wearable devices should also receive an update. Previously, has already announced the integration of this operating system with the Tizen OS, developed at the time by Samsung. It is possible that the fruits of cooperation will be discussed in more detail;

Pixel 6a: will introduce a new affordable version of the Pixel 6 smartphone. According to some reports, the smartphone will receive the Tensor chipset used in the “older” model and a similar design. However, it is likely that the Pixel 6a will lose some features exclusive to the Pixel 6;

Pixel watch: In addition to the Pixel 6a, the event may also see the debut of the Pixel Watch smartwatch; which has been the subject of a lot of rumors lately. According to some reports, the watch will be round and will use the latest version of Wear OS. Integration with Fitbit services is not excluded;

Pixel Buds Pro: We expect that along with the watch and smartphone; may also introduce Pixel Buds Pro wireless headphones with cases of different colors;

Assistant: During the event, Google is likely to introduce an improved voice assistant; potentially surpassing Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri. Special add-ons that allow you to more effectively manage smart home systems are not excluded;

Google Search: The company will improve search algorithms thanks to updated artificial intelligence and machine learning systems;

Finally, updates to Google Maps, Photos and Gmail are not excluded, as well as the return of the Wallet application. In addition, Google is reportedly working on Web 3 and metaverse applications.


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