Google Drops Android TV 13 for New Android TV 14 Beta

has released 14 Beta 3 for Pixel devices, along with a preview of Android 14 for TVs. Google has decided to retire Android 13 and launch the new Android TV 14 Beta instead.

So far, Google has not shared much information about the notable features of Android 14. The lack of details about the upcoming release was evident at Google I/O last month. This trend persists as the latest beta version for Android TV and Google TV devices was launched quietly without any public announcement.

How to Try the Android 14 TV Beta

To try out Android TV 14 Beta, there are typically two main methods. Firstly, you can download and utilize an emulator of the preview via Android Studio. Secondly, Google would usually offer a build specifically designed for installation on their ADT-3 boxes (which are now retired). However, the latter build has not been made available on the Android Developers website at this time. Unfortunately, installing the Android TV 14 preview on a Chromecast is not possible.

Gizchina News of the week

Recently, Google provided an update for the 4K variant of Chromecast with Google TV. However, the dongle still operates on Android 12, as no Android 13-based update has been introduced. This decision seems to apply not only to the Chromecast but also to all Android TV and Google TV devices.

Google Retires Android 13 Android TV

A recent code change indicates that Google has made the decision to completely retire Android 13 for televisions. As a result, Android Studio will reflect this change by placing the emulator for Android 13 in a menu that is not recommended for use.

We are retiring T as a version in Android TV. Moving the T image to the non-recommended menu should dissuade developers from creating T images if not required.

Given the swift release of the beta preview for Android TV 14, it appears logical for Google to skip ahead to the newer version instead of adhering to an annual release cycle. A similar biennial pattern is expected for Wear OS, as the upcoming Wear OS 4, scheduled for this fall, is anticipated to transition from Android 11 to Android 13.

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