Google Clock Gets Weather, Should Sync Alarms With Pixel Watch Soon

Google has started to push out a new Google Clock app that adds at least two useful new features for those who rely on the Clock app for their daily wake-up routine or who travel from city to city on the regular. One will also only come in handy if you have a Pixel Watch.

The new Google Clock v7.6 is rolling out and within it we can see weather forecasts for multiple cities, a forecast for the day if you dismiss an alarm from the Clock app, and a new option to sync alarms between your phone and the Pixel Watch. This could require an update to the Pixel Watch’s Clock app too, but the settings are all there for this to work. And yes, we assume this works on the Pixel Watch 2 as well.

What’s great about all of this? Well, who doesn’t want to know about the day’s weather or the weather for the cities you most often travel to? And if you have a Pixel Watch that you wear to bed, wouldn’t you love to sync alarms between phone and watch rather than managing separate alarms between the two? I sure would. I have a child (and some cats) who acts as my alarm, though, so I have no idea if or when I’ll ever test this. You’ll have to tell me how awesome it is.

If you aren’t seeing an update to Google Clock 7.6 on Google Play yet, it’s probably because Google hates the idea of everyone having nice things at once and is apparently OK with the world flocking to obnoxious .apk sites instead to have fun together. It’s weird and I’ve never understood Google’s stance there, but hey, it is what it is, they say. So go find the app if you need to or attempt to be patient to get weather and Pixel Watch alarm syncing.

Google Play Link: Google Clock

// Google News (Telegram)


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