Google Cast Expands to TikTok, Pixel Tablet Gets Cool Tapping Feature

As a part of 's series of CES 2024 announcements, they shared two big updates in the world of Google Cast and another involving Fast Pair. The news just keeps flowing, friends.

I think the biggest of the two Cast features is for TikTok. The massive video app is adding Google Cast support, so you can now (starting today) Cast content from your phone to your Cast-equipped devices. This is huge. But that's not all – Google is “soon” going to add the ability to Cast live videos from TikTok as well. Oh baby.

The other big Cast feature is only for those with a Pixel Tablet and a Pixel phone on hand. As you know, the Pixel Tablet can act as a Cast target, unlike almost every other tablet on the planet, and Google is expanding how you can Cast to it. Later this year, Google will let you switch Spotify or YouTube Music over to a Pixel Tablet by moving your Pixel phone close to it or essentially tapping them together.

As for Fast Pair, which is Google's technology that lets you quickly pair Bluetooth devices like headphones to a new phone, you will soon (in the next month) be able to Fast Pair headphones to your Chromecast with Google TV. Once that happens, Google will expand that same Fast Pair support to more Google TV devices. This addition to connectivity should let you attach your headphones in a single tap.

Google also announced a bunch of new features for cars with Google built-in an one major feature for Ford EV owners running Auto.

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