Google Bard AI Is “Worse Than Useless!”

There's no denying that Bard looks and feels like a very rushed product. After all, the search giant was very intimated by how popular ChatGPT was getting after the launch. So, Google had to do whatever it took to push out a competitor out there. This rush might be the only reason the Google Bard launch was such a big failure.

In fact, according to a new report for Bloomberg, 18 of the current and former Google workers have a pile of damning commentary regarding Google Bard. Most importantly, a lot of them have big concerns regarding AI. In other words, even the internal team knows how bad the launch of AI was.

Ethical Concerns Revolving Google Bard

So, according to the interview, to launch Google Bard, the AI ethics teams were “disempowered and demoralized.” Google asked the employees to test out the Bard during its pre-release phase to get proper feedback. But Googlers from the interview claim that most of the feedback was ignored to launch the AI chatbot quickly.

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Bloomberg viewed internal discussions where employees called Google Bard “a pathological liar” and “cringe-worthy.” For example, when the AI model was asked to give instructions on how to land a plane, it gave incorrect steps that would eventually lead to a crash.

One employee asked Bard for scuba instructions and got an answer that would have eventually got them seriously injured or killed. And finally, one employee wrapped up the problems of AI by writing a post titled “Bard is worse than useless: please do not launch” in February.


But Google did eventually launch Bard in March. Yes, even ChatGPT is not 100% reliable. But in comparison, Bard is far behind ChatGPT. And you can not blame any of the AI ethics team leaders behind this failure. Bloomberg reported that several of the ethics leaders were fired or left the company in recent years. And today, AI ethics reviews at Google are “almost entirely voluntary.”

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