Google Assistant Arrives on the Galaxy Watch 4 This “Summer”

After a bit of a mix-up last month that has us believing Assistant was finally arriving on the Galaxy Watch 4, a clarification brought more disappointment. Now, though, has announced that we won’t be waiting much longer and Assistant is expected to hit watches this “summer.”

made the brief announcement today following I/O, where it shared the successes it has seen from the Galaxy Watch 4 line with Wear OS onboard. Actually, the post was mostly about how Samsung has singlehandedly helped create massive growth for Wear OS, and that’s fair. They mentioned that there are now three times as many active Wear OS users at this moment as there were last year.

Once Assistant is available, it will be up for download to the Galaxy Watch 4 line. After installing, you’ll be able to do the Google Assistant things you love to do, by voice.



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