Goodix ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor tipped to go mass production by year-end

Goodix, a prominent player in the technology industry, is set to roll out its ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor for mass production by the end of this year, according to Digital Chat Station. The top 5 Chinese smartphone brands are currently in discussions with Goodix regarding the sensor. This development comes with the promise of cost savings compared to Qualcomm‘s similar technology.

Affordable alternative to Qualcomm!

Ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensors offer a range of inherent advantages over their optical counterparts. Most notably, they can unlock devices even when the screen is off, eliminating the need for blindingly bright screens during nighttime unlocks. Additionally, these sensors are adept at functioning underwater or with wet hands, enhancing their usability in various conditions.

The fundamental working principle of Goodix’s technology involves utilizing sound waves to scan the pores in the fingerprint area, constructing a three-dimensional model of the user’s fingerprint. When unlocking the device, the sensor compares the real-time fingerprint model with the previously recorded one, resulting in a notably higher recognition rate. This technology offers improved accuracy, making it capable of recognizing “wet” or “dirty” fingers, which are often challenging for optical solutions.

DCS ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor leak

Furthermore, the Digital Chat Station hinted at an exclusive period for a certain brand to utilize Goodix’s ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor solution.

After this exclusivity period, it is expected that other brands will follow suit in adopting this technology. While there is speculation that the exclusive brand may be from the EU+ region, specific details remain undisclosed.




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