Get My Favorite Pixel 7 Pro Case at 50% Off Today!

You’ve probably heard me talk about Totallee before. They make my favorite cases for phones, but the main complaint I see from potential buyers is the price. It’s true, they’re usually $40 which can be a little much for what you’re getting. Thanks to it being Cyber Monday, you can get your own Totallee case for the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro for just $19, which is 50% off the usual price.

What I like most about the cases is how thin they are. They add hardly any bulk to the device, but they do protect from all of the little scratches and dings a naked phone might pick up. That’s exactly what I’m looking for in a case. I don’t want extra bulk and or weight. These phones are already big enough.

You can snag Totallee’s matte black case or their clear cases right now on Amazon at the 50% price. Have at it.

Amazon Links: Pixel 7 (Clear) | Pixel 7 Pro (Clear)


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