Get Apple’s Dynamic Island on your Android phone with this App

finally chose to do something about the notch that many find unsightly. The new iPhone 14 Pro models come with a versatile feature that the company, for some reason, calls “Dynamic Island”. It is designed to surface various types of alerts, notifications, and interactions. However, users don’t need to feel left, there’s a free app on Play Store that offers a similar experience on any Android smartphone.

A new app called DynamicSpot, which is developed by Jawomo, can mimic ’s Dynamic Island to some extent. The app is currently available for free on Play Store and it lets you adjust the position and size of the “island” based on where the notch is located on your device.

It also offers numerous customizations. It allows you to select what kind of notifications show up on your screen. Moreover, DynamicSpot can also show two popup notifications at once. The free version of the app comes with limited functions, however, if you wish to test its full potential, you can pay $4.99 and get the Pro option.

We didn’t try the paid version of the app ourselves. But the folks at Phonearena who gave it a shot suggest it unlocks more features. For instance, it gives users the ability to display DynamicSpot on the lock screen, and access single tap and long press actions.

As mentioned, the app can be downloaded for free and has no ads. However, it is still in the beta phase and there could be some issues with the compatibility. Moreover, the app may even have some bugs.

In any case, this is your best chance to get ’s Dynamic Island on your phone until Android manufacturers decide to bring a similar alternative.



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