Get $300 OFF on Oukitel P2001 Portable Power Station

If you are a globe trotter and adventure enthusiast if you like traveling and staying in the outdoors for a long time, if you are a camper and nomad then you must know the importance of a portable charging battery. Your battery is not only your power station but also at times your lifesaver in the outdoors. Hence it is important to invest in good quality and safe batteries. Moreover, with the rising power outages and natural disasters, it makes sense to invest in a portable power station that can keep your house running for days without direct electricity. To solve these issues battery, diesel, and gas-powered generators are the most accessible options in the global portable power supply market. 

Oukitel created the P2001 Portable Power Station to cover almost all your power needs in the safest, greenest, and most efficient way. With an objective to be a sustainable and cost-effective power solution, the brand made this powerful yet eco-friendly power station that has great power storage and discharge system. Introduced in January 2022,  Oukitel P2001 was designed to use during home power outages, camping, RV, and disaster prevention. 

Oukitel P2001 Power station

Oukitel P2001 features a  2000Wh (LiFePO4) battery which is one of the largest batteries in the lineup of its products. The device comes with a rated output of 2000W (Surge 4000W) and can power 99% of your electric devices, such as TV, microwave, rice cooker, fridge, coffee maker, etc. Even heavy-duty machines like electric drills, circular saws, bench grinders, etc. can be powered using the P2001. 

Oukitel P2001 Power station

Even if you have a great battery it becomes useless if you don’t have sufficient options to recharge and power it up. However, with Oukitel P2001 Power Station you get 4 different recharging modes viz. standard wall outlet, solar panel, electric car, and other power generators. Thus even in the wild, you can recharge the power station using solar panels or vehicle batteries. It takes less than 4 hours to charge the batteries by using solar panels (MAX 500W) and if you are in a hurry and want to save time then this large battery can be refueled fully in 1.5 hours by using dual recharging options. (1100W AC Input together with 500W solar panels or 500W adapter simultaneously)  

Oukitel P2001 Power station

Oukitel P2001 portable power generator is built with LiFePO4 batteries that support 3500 life cycles and can reach up to 70% of the original capacity. P2001 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) protects your electrical devices from damages caused by sudden power failure. The safety of the P2001 battery is guaranteed by the Battery Management System (BMS). Being monitored by this intelligent system, all errors, such as overheating, overload discharging, over-voltage discharging, etc. are fixed automatically. 


Oukitel P2001 Power station

Oukitel is now offering up to $1000 discount on its power generators under the Summer Camping Sale. Under this offer, you can get a $300 discount on the Oukitel P2001 Power Station. Please note that this sale ends on 31 August 2022. So place your orders before the deal expires. 

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