GCam 8.8 will blow your mind literally: Download and try it now!

Pixel smartphones boast some of the best camera apps available, raising the question: can these camera apps be adapted for use on other devices? The answer lies in GCam, a modified version of the Google camera that brings the features of the camera app to non Pixel mobiles. This includes the latest 8.8 version from Shamim, a highly configurable and powerful app.

As Google continues to update its Pixel camera app, modders dedicated to offering their own versions in the form of GCam follow suit. The most recent version, 8.8, provides a range of excellent options for the majority of smartphones. Previous iterations, like the one from BSG, were among the first to be released but lacked the advanced configuration options typically found in GCam. In contrast, Shamim's 8.8 version is highly customizable.

GCam 8.8: This Google camera unlocks the potential of your mobile

The development of GCam is an ongoing process, with the first modders releasing their own versions of Google Camera 8.8. Although Arnova8G2, one of the most popular modders, has not yet released its latest update beta, others are gradually updating their developments. Among them is Shamim, whose GCam 8.8 is incredibly comprehensive.

Shamim's 8.8 release updates the app's base to the latest Google camera version and incorporates a variety of advanced settings. Notably, it also offers the ability to configure each user's XML. Enabling anyone to adapt the GCam to their device quickly and easily. To do this, simply download the XML from the phone and apply it within the GCam settings.

By default, photos taken with Shamim's app tend to be somewhat dark on most phones, occasionally featuring greenish hues. This was observed after installing the app on a device. To obtain an XML file suitable for a specific phone, it is recommended to visit Celso Azevedo's webpage.

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Once you download the file to the mobile device, move it to the “SGCAM/8.8.224/XML” folder. Shamim's GCam will then automatically load the file upon starting and restart with the most appropriate settings for the phone. According to tests, this method works correctly, at least as far as a modified Google camera apk can function. If the XML does not work or requires more precise adjustments, users can delve into the advanced settings until they achieve their desired results.

GCam 8.8 stable is loaded with improvements

GCam 8.8

Shamim's 8.8 stable version is available for download on Celso Azevedo's webpage. As is often the case with GCam, the app may not function correctly on all Android devices. Users must try their luck and adjust the parameters as much as possible. It is also worthwhile to locate the configuration XML file for the mobile device installing the GCam, as this can save time and typically yields better results.

The Google Pixel camera app is famous for its superior quality. Modders have created adaptations for other Android devices. GCam is one such adaptation. Shamim's 8.8 version provides powerful, highly configurable camera software for non Pixel phones. GCam is constantly evolving, with new and improved versions offering advanced features and customization options.

For those interested in trying GCam on their Android device, Shamim's 8.8 stable version can be downloaded from Celso Azevedo's webpage. Results may vary on different devices, but users can adjust parameters and find the right XML file for better results. GCam is constantly evolving, so Android users can expect even more powerful camera software in the future.

Overall, the GCam is a great option for anyone looking to improve the camera experience on their non Pixel Android device. And with the latest release, it's easier than ever to configure the app to your specific phone. Why settle for a bad camera app? Google's software is great – why not use it on your device? Give the GCam a try today.

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