Galaxy S24 to feature 144Hz display and satellite connectivity

The Galaxy S24 will launch on the market in less than a year. And rumors about its features are already available online. According to the SamLover portal, the phone will boast an even better display than the previous gen. With a 144 Hz refresh rate. While the site did not cite any unofficial sources or provide any specific details, the rumor is credible and represents a natural evolution of the 120 Hz display that Samsung has been using on its top-of-the-range smartphones for several years.

Samsung Galaxy S24 to come with a satellite connection and a better screen

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It is not yet clear whether the higher refresh rate will be available just on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Or will also be available on the cheaper models in the range. However, if present, it will allow users to take advantage of even more fluid animations and faster screen loading times.

The rumor mill doesn't stop there, as there are reports that the Samsung Galaxy S24 may also have a satellite connection feature, which introduced on the market with the launch of the iPhone 14 a few months ago. According to the head of Samsung's mobile division, the satellite connection was not available in this year's models because it has a lot of limitations. However, the technology and infrastructure could be ready for next year's launch of the new Galaxy.

Aside from these exciting features, we already know that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will use a Snapdragon in all markets. Specifically, the not yet announced Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. This “for Galaxy” version will be 15% faster than the Galaxy S23 processor.

Despite the rumors, it's important to note that these features are not yet confirmed by Samsung. And we should take them with a grain of salt until official announcements are made. Nonetheless, the prospect of a more advanced display and satellite connection feature is exciting. And could make the Samsung Galaxy S24 a great competitor in the smartphone market.

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