Four Disadvantages Of Apple Watch Ultra

The Watch Ultra made furor at its launch. In general, whatever the Cupertino-based company launches becomes a hot-selling product immediately. The same happened with the new Apple smartwatch. But no one and nothing are perfect. The watch we are talking about is no exception.

Watch Ultra Has Some Drawbacks

Connect The Watts journalist Colin Jenkins listed four disadvantages of the Watch Ultra smartwatch. However, after using it for some time, many of them became less annoying. To fix the shortcomings, users have to install some applications and dig into settings.

The main drawback of the Ultra is the problem with navigation (1). To fix it, you have to install the Footpath app. “This is still a little more clunky than using navigation on Garmin, but it does help make the Watch Ultra finally feel like an actual sports watch.”

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The journalist stated that it was not possible to solve the problem with the action button (2).  “Unfortunately, the longer I’ve used it, the more and more I dislike the Action Button; I am at the point where I prefer to have it completely disabled.” The problem is that you can assign only one function to it. Thus, its functionality doesn’t change with the use case.

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Other than that, the Watch Ultra does not track recovery metrics (3) like most other high-end devices. However, Jenkins clarified that the activity metrics are working in the watches without any glitches. We should also add that this watch is perfect when tracking and learning the habits of the wearer.

The last shortcoming of the smartwatch is that it does not measure the heart rate perfectly (4). However, the author thinks that, unlike many rivals, the Ultra can be used to make calls, send text messages and play downloaded music without a smartphone.

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