FLIR Launches a New Thermal Camera, Gives Your Phone a New Vision

Modern-day smartphones have started coming out with multiple camera lenses. A smartphone with a primary wide lens, ultrawide lens and telephoto zoom lens paired with good image processing is believed to be the most balanced device for cameras. There was a time when we used to get IR lenses on smartphones too. But now, FLIR has announced its new thermal camera, FLIR One Edge Pro. It has been launched as an upgrade to the existing FLIR One Edge.

The all-new FLIR One Edge Pro comes in an upgraded form factor. You can easily attach it to the rear panel of the smartphone. Also, there’s no need to connect the lens to your smartphone to get output. One can directly transfer the images taken from the lens to the smartphone wirelessly. It has also been claimed that the One Edge Pro has an upgraded battery life when compared with its predecessor. But we’re not sure how much exactly they have improved the battery life.

The thermal imaging sensor has a resolution of 160*120 and a frame rate that has not been improved over its predecessor. The frame rate on this one is still limited, and this is due to government restrictions; FLIR is not to blame. It also includes an MSX mode, which overlays image data from the visible camera to make thermal images simpler to read. There have also been some software enhancements.

Coming down to the price, the FLIR One Edge Pro has been priced at $550. That’s $100 more when compared with the $450 of the FLIR One Edge Pro. Well, you get the upgrades in the hardware too. The device will go on sale starting November 10th, 2022. It will be available to purchase from FLIR’s official website and Amazon. The shipping will start around the year-end.



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