First Pixel Tablet Factory Images Arrive

Today is Pixel Tablet day, and with that news, has released the first factory images and OTA builds.

While this news may only matter to a small group, you still love to see it. A factory image helps you restore your device to an original state should something go wrong with it during a tinkering session. It can also help you jump back to a previous update if your current build isn't playing nice. We also use these files – specifically the OTA files – to update the day a monthly update hits, as a couple of commands can push that through in minutes. Taking an update over-the-air often forces you into watching your phone “optimize” apps for up to an hour.

The first images for the Pixel Tablet runs the June patch with the following builds:

  • TD2A.230203.028
  • TQ3A.230605.009.A1

Pixel Tablet Images: Factory Image | OTA

Who got themselves a new Pixel Tablet?


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