First Look at Android’s Native eSIM Transfer Tool

Earlier this year, announced that it was building a native eSIM transfer tool for devices. This tool would allow for the quick and easy transfer of an eSIM from one device to another, a process that can sometimes be slightly irritating.

This week, thanks to @AssembleDebug, we're getting our first look at the tool, which looks incredibly simple to use. From what we can gather in these screenshots, you'll have two devices in front of you. On your new phone, you'll get a QR code to pop up, which you'll then scan with the old phone with the active eSIM. Once scanned, the eSIM will be transferred. You will then finish the setup process on the new phone.

It almost sounds too easy, methinks.

Considering the code is there, we must be getting close to release of this. Android 14? It's possible.

// @AssembleDebug


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