Final Chance to Reserve the Galaxy S24 and Get $50

Alright, it's really final warning time – reserve your Galaxy S24 or Galaxy S24 Ultra or forever (well maybe) bid farewell to the bonus $50 from that you get for doing so.

Samsung will announce the Galaxy S24 Series tomorrow, January 17, and shortly after, we'll likely see pre-orders open. When that moment happens, there will be pre-order specials (like this one), and other bonus credits you can use to add accessories on to your Galaxy S24 purchase. You know the drill.

So if you haven't yet, the reserve link is below and all it does is lock-in your email for a notification from Samsung when pre-orders open. That email share gets you a bonus $50 to use alongside your pre-order. We believe that $50 will combine with up-to another $100 credit, giving you $150 to spent on accessories like new buds or a Galaxy Watch 6. And that credit promo is in addition to the big trade-in prices and free storage upgrade you'll get.

In short, it's time to max out your pre-order situation if you plan to buy the new Galaxy S24. OK, we're done.

Reserve Galaxy S24 or Galaxy S24 Ultra


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