Father’s Day Gift Guide: Peak Design, Samsung, and Ray-Ban Help Celebrate Dad

It’s that time of year again, when we round up a list of our current favorite things and recommend that you buy them for your father. If you’re looking for a gift for that special dad in your lift, even if that dad happens to be yourself, maybe this list will inspire you.

Our list always feels so random because it’s one of the few times where we can venture out beyond Android. You can see a bit of our personalities come through in the list, with my items being relatively outdoorsy and Kellen appreciating the fashion and accessories. Whatever you may be looking for, our list should have something for everyone.

Good luck, shoppers.

Galaxy S24 Ultra ($549+)

Our current pick for POTY, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the ultimate Android phone for dad. The guy can multitask like the absolute unit that he is with this phone, thanks to its fast speeds and that S Pen. This phone has been my daily driver since the day I received it and I don’t see that changing at least for a while longer. It has a great camera system, 7 years of updates, sexy hardware, and an amazing display. Hard to go wrong with this Android device.

Solo Stove ($199+) | Griddle Top ($75)

I only recently got my first Solo Stove and already I can tell why so many people were buying these things. Not only is it easy to transport with you if want to go camping, but setting it up and running it is really easy. And right now, the company has so many accessories and add-ons you can place on the stove that you can basically find any sort of solution for it that you’d want. For example, Solo Stove was kind enough to send over a cast iron top so I can do some cooking on mine. So now, not only will I have a perfect fire pit at the camp spot, but I can grill up some mean ribeyes while out camping. Life’s good, people.

Oru Kayak ($499+)

After years of sitting at a desk, I’ve been really attempting to get out of my comfort zone with outdoor activities. A couple of years ago, my wife and I moved away from the city and now I have lots of little lakes to take advantage of, so water activities are something I’ve been getting excited about. Recently, Oru Kayak reached out to ask if I’d be interested in checking out one of their kayaks for Father’s Day and I jumped at the opportunity.

What separates Oru from a typical kayak is that the Oru can actually fold up (like origami) and become extremely portable and compact. It doesn’t take up hardly any space in the garage and isn’t as cumbersome as a traditional kayak. They even come in sizes big enough for two people. I only recently received the Haven kayak for testing, so I haven’t been able to get it out on the water yet, but with it being summer time, you better believe you’ll see me out there on the water trying to catch some bass.

Ultenic Vacuum/Mop Combo Robot ($699)

It’s obviously always the goal to keep a tidy home, but when you work and volunteer a lot of time, it can become difficult to keep things in order. Robot vacuums have become much improved over the years, with the Ultenic vacuum/mop combo unit being a prime example. It’s a pricey machine, but it works way better than I expected it to. So long as your carpets aren’t too think or you have thick rugs on a hard (hardwood or LVP) surface, I can recommend this particular robot. It mops quite well and the solution the company sends along with smells pretty great. For my home, which is filled with dog hair, it’s also important to note that the vacuum has a suction rating of 5000Pa which can be adjusted as you see fit. The app can be labeled as complex because they use a lot of icons for functions, but once you master the app, it’s a really welcomed addition to the home. 

Benchmade Shootout OTF ($325)

I’ve been wanting a knife to carry around and Benchmade is based semi-close to Portland, OR, so I wanted to give them a try. I got their Shootout and holy smokes, this knife is slick. As someone who fully appreciates fidget stuff, this knife is the perfect fidget toy for adults. The shootout action is tight and fast and the blade came out of the box extremely sharp. As a bonus, it has a glass break on the butt just in case you find yourself in a situation where there’s a layer of glass between you and safety.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Sunglasses ($299+)

When Meta and Ray-Ban first announced their smart glasses, I rolled my eyes at the idea. They were quite expensive, plus the features and association with Meta turned me off. However, as reviews rolled out over several months, new features arrived, and the sun began to show itself in Portland after a long winter, I decided to take the plunge.

These sunglasses are awesome. For one, they (surprisingly) take pretty solid pictures that don’t require you to pull out your phone. I’ve taken them on hikes and actually enjoyed the results of the shots. Those camera capabilities also come in handy when you have a kid, pets, or any other subjects where you might not want to hold a device, or just because you are livin’ in the moment. But my favorite feature has to be the audio they produce. Like AfterShokz and their bone conduction audio, you can wear the Meta Ray-Bans and hear music or audio from your device, yet still also hear the world around you. As someone who always keeps their phone on silent, including for media, this has brought new fun to apps that I’ve been using in silence for so long.

These Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses also look nice, now come in several different shades, offer polarized lenses, and are a big hit with my kid, who often steals my phone to play silly games when out and about. I honestly cannot recommend them enough, and even talked Tim into buying a pair. – Kellen

Mission Workshop Bag ($95+)

Based out of San Francisco, Mission Workshop has been creating super dope bags for years. They have everything from fanny packs to big duffles to backpacks. If dad needs a new day bag, their duffles have dedicated laptop slots on the side, plus the weatherproof construction means we won’t have to worry about the contents getting too nasty if in the rain. That’s something my old Adidas gym bag cannot claim.

FlexiSpot Chairs ($349+)

DL and FlexiSpot go way back. I’ve been using one of their office chairs for some time and my wife uses one of their standing desks. The quality has held up exceptionally well. With Father’s Day, it’s a good time buy, with the company having a solid sale on essentially all of their items. Personally, I highly recommend the C7 office chair. It has all of the right back support where I want it, plus even the cervical neck support is good. You can’t ever go wrong with a new office chair for dad or yourself.

Linkind Solar Lights ($45+)

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve become obsessed with outdoor lighting for my home’s exterior. One reason is that I’ve found that it helps cut back a bit on wildlife, which we have plenty of out here. It also helps me spot my dog while he’s outside at night taking a wee. Most importantly, it just looks cool. I was recently sent these Linkind solar smart lights, which can sometimes be hit or miss based solely on the Android app experience. They’re governed by the AiDot app, which thankfully, is a very good app. Setting them up and managing them is incredibly easy and they look awesome. Whole process takes about a minute per light, if that. They’re a bit pricey at $45 for a pair, but worth the investment.

Please tell your dad that Droid Life wishes him a very happy Father’s Day. And a big thanks to the companies who furnished review samples of products for this year’s gift guide.

Pebblebee Tracker

Pebblebee Item Trackers ($29.99+)

Google recently launched its Find My Device network and the first compatible item trackers arrived alongside it. Pebblebee was kind enough to send over their entire range that includes the Clip, Card, and Tag, for us to look at.

These trackers start at $30, have solid water resistance, built-in buzzers or LEDs (depending on the tracker), and maybe most importantly, can be re-charged. Most trackers like this have batteries you need to swap, but Pebblebee gives you a little connector cord with each that plugs in via USB-C to charge back up. Charges last from 12-18 months, so don’t expect to re-charge them that often either.

My favorite of the three is probably the Pebblebee Tag, because it can easily strap to a bag or stick to an object (with included adhesive). It also has an LED and loud buzzer to help you easily find lost items. – Kellen

Peak Design Mobile Wallet Slim

Peak Design Mobile Wallet ($49.95)

Because I tend to use MagSafe-style cases on all of the phones I test, I’ve adopted MagSafe wallets into my life. My favorite of them all at the moment is the Peak Design Mobile Slim Wallet.

This wallet slaps onto MagSafe accessories with a firm enough grip that you won’t worry about losing it. It has some added security in the fact that it secures all of your cards with a magnetic flap up top that doubles as a pull-string to release your cards when you need them. It’s so fun to pull the flap to reveal cards and then slide them back into place before the magnet secures it back shut. Like, this is classic Peak Design in that it is probably overly engineered yet also perfectly done so.

I currently carry 4 cards in my wallet, but I bet you could slide a 5th (or some cash) in pretty easily.  It also comes in several fun colors to match your style and is “guaranteed for life” by Peak Design. – Kellen

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