EXEC: OnePlus can expand to 10,000 stores overnight if needed

Back in June 2021, officially announced its merger with OPPO. OnePlus customers and fans alike were divided by this decision with many believing that the brand will lose its identity over time.

Although merged its operating system codebase with ’s ColorOS and the Chinese devices come with ColorOS out of the box, the brand has largely been able to maintain its identity. Now, in an interview, OnePlus China’s president Li Jie has shared some of the advantages that have been gained from the merger.

In an interview with NetEase Technology and other media outlets, Li Jin revealed that they are now able to expand to 10,000 offline stores overnight in China. As we know, for the large part has been an online-focused brand with most of its sales happening online. Using ’s resources, can now expand its physical stores to 2,800 county towns, 4,000 core business districts, and more than 5,000 experience points overnight.

The company is able to do so by opening its experience stores inside of existing outlets. Usually, it takes years for a manufacturer to establish 10,000 physical stores, and it also takes a lot of capital investment. But that’s not the case for as Li Jin explains “OPPO’s store is ready-made, the rent has been paid, and the basic salary of the experienced consultant has been paid. For us, it is only on the counter. Find an area that belongs to OnePlus, put the product on it, and if the product generates some sales or services, you will get a commission. This is the benefit of integration, and the offline cost is very low.”

Li Jie also emphasized the importance of having offline experience store sayings “Our products and brands have always emphasized workmanship and texture, including detail polishing. If there is no offline experience link, many times users don’t know or perceive it!”

Oneplus Ace / Oneplus 10R
Oneplus Ace

Using ’s supply chain to achieve this will largely reduce the cost and investment for OnePlus. OnePlus president also pointed out many other benefits they enjoy with the merger. OnePlus recently launched the OnePlus Ace which features OPPO’s 150W SUPERVOOC fast charging. The cutting edge fast charging speed would’ve been difficult to achieve as OnePlus previously worked alone and only had one or two thousand engineers. After the integration, it cooperates with more than 10,000 engineers from OPPO expanding its R&D capabilities and increasing efficiency.

Separately, the recently launched OnePlus Ace will be rebranded for the global market and launch with the OnePlus 10R moniker in India on April 27. Check out our roundup story to learn more about the upcoming phone.


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