EU is now pushing for Smartphone Batteries being replaceable again

Over the period of the last decade, there have been various trends in smartphone designs that have changed. For example, the 3.5mm headphone jack is now a lot more uncommon. Similarly, smartphones used to come with removable batteries that made it replaceable as well. This feature is now only seen in a handful of models, but this might be changing soon due to the EU.

Just recently, the European Union had forced to also comply with the universal standard for smartphones with the use of the USB Type C port to charge its iPhone models in the future. This decision was approved but the Cupertino based giant has till 28th December 2024 to comply with this order. Now, it seems like the Union is now aiming on strong arming the entire industry into bringing back replaceable battery packs.

According to a new report, Europe might be planning on forcing smartphone makers, including both the iOS and brands, to revive removable batteries. Unlike iPhones, Android models typically came with a replaceable battery pack back in the early days of Android phones. Although, this was before OEMs managed to pack a lot more power and equipment into smaller frames thanks to intricate internal design and layout. Furthermore, many high end phones also feature water and dust resistance thanks to a tight seal.

In other words, having a replaceable battery might work against such an important durability feature. Back in the day, users could simply go out to a store or order an extra battery online to replace the aging or dying one inside their smartphones. Some OEMs even offered larger capacity batteries that were sold separately. So it is unclear whether this practice has more pros or cons. Let us know in the comments section down below about your thoughts regarding this matter.




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