Elon Musk Doesn’t Mind To Implant Brain Chips In His Children

A few days ago, Elon Musk and his team showed a monkey with a brain chip. The monkey was using a mouse to click the prompts on the computer monitor. That’s not a secret that Neuralink has been working on an implanted chip in the brain. But it still remains a big question whether people will allow anyone/anything to control their minds. It turns out Musk will not mind experimenting with it himself and his loved ones,

Elon Musk Is Serious When Saying He Will Implant Brain Chips In His Children

Elon Musk said he wouldn’t mind implanting a brain chip developed by Neuralink into one of his children. Of course, there is a specific context in his words. Elon Musk said that if one of his children were injured, such as a broken neck, he would implant the chip into their body.

“I would say we’re at the point where at least, in my opinion, it would not be dangerous,” he added.

His words made the public think Elon Musk was not serious and that no one would conduct experiments on their children. But Musk said that if the brain chip is ready, he will implant a brain chip himself. Want more? He expects Neuralink to begin human trials within the next six months.

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While you think this is non-humanitarian, it’s the opposite. Neuralink’s brain-computer interface hopes to provide a way for paralyzed patients to communicate through thoughts. The brain-computer chip they are working on has tiny embedded wires electrodes. They can monitor brain activity and can stimulate the brain electrically. The firm plans to use a robot to embed the chip in a person’s skull.

In simple words, the so-called “brain-computer interface” is to implant tiny electrodes in the brain. It will use electric current to make the computer and brain cells interact.

How The Niche Develops

In 2019, Elon Musk showed the first product in this category. The principle is to use a laser to drill a hole in the skull, and then avoid the cerebral blood vessels and implant a line into the brain.

In August 2020, in order to verify the effect of the brain-computer interface, researchers implanted devices in the bodies of three pigs. Musk showed the audience the real-time transmission of the brain activities of the pigs during the live broadcast.

In April 2021, Neuralink released a video of a monkey playing a video game with its own thoughts on social media.

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