Customer’s Nightmare: Apple Sent an Android Phone to Its Customer Instead of the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Have you ever felt anxious when ordering something online? Many people do, especially when buying something expensive. There's always the risk of receiving a low-quality product, having problems with shipping, or the item being delivered to the wrong person. Recently, a UK citizen who ordered the iPhone 15 Pro Max directly from 's official website was shocked to find an phone in the box. Here are the details…

Customer Opens iPhone 15 Pro Max Box to Find Android Phone Inside

A person living in the UK wanted to buy Apple's new flagship phone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. To do this, they went to Apple's official website, the safest option, and placed an order. After a while, when the customer received the package and opened the box, they immediately noticed something strange. Yes, the phone looked exactly like the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but it had a screen protector on it.

As you know, Apple does not apply such a practice to its products. The customer thought that they had received a device that had been sold and later returned, so they opened the phone. However, this only increased their suspicions. The iPhone 15 Pro Max came with pre-installed apps like YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.

Apple users will know that the company has strict principles regarding pre-installed apps. They do not even insist on having someone else's app pre-installed on their devices, let alone their own. Moreover, upon closer inspection, the customer noticed that the phone's bezels were thicker than they should be. Of course, it didn't take long for the customer to realize that they had a fake Android phone that looked similar but was not a genuine iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Fortunately, before noticing these issues, the customer did not log into any accounts, and the defrauded individual did not have their information stolen on top of everything else. The unfortunate customer shared the incident on Reddit, stating that they had reported the situation to Apple and were waiting for the company to resolve the issue. Clearly, the incident is quite unpleasant.

As mentioned earlier, we are aware that there is always a risk when buying something online. However, understanding how a purchase from Apple's official website could end like this is perplexing. Nevertheless, if you have any doubts, it's worth noting that the likelihood of Apple being responsible for this mistake is minimal. It's probably a case of fraud during the shipping operation. Unfortunately, it's unclear how the tech giant will react to the incident.




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