BREKR Model F Belt-drive Electric Bike With Automatic Shifting Unveiled

BREKR has launched its latest electric bike that comes with pedal activity. The BREKR Model F has been under development since 2019 when it was announced. It has evolved since then after substantial investment by the Dutch company and is now a reality.

The BREKR Model F is the company’s first two-wheeler electric vehicle with pedals. It features moped functionality even though it could be classified as an e-bike. The company has a growing collection of model B electric mopeds and continues to expand beyond its local market. The Model F comes with a design reflecting a new class of electric vehicles. Its functional pedals make it fall in a different category than the model B mopeds.

The Model F pedals form an intricate part of the EV’s drivetrain with a belt-enabled design. A belt-drive design help to reduce the maintenance and noise from the bike while it is operational. They also tend to last longer than chain drives and are more efficient in the long run. Although models F and B both sport a similar design, the new model features the main strut from the head tube to the rear axle. It also has a rear bench seat secured by a tubular frame. The design is a combination of BREKR’s Dutch foundations and a touch of California styling.

BREKR Model F e-bike

The Model F comes with 22-inch wheels which are bigger than the 20-inch rim of the model B. The company says the one-of-a-kind 22-inch wheels provide sufficient support for a comfortable ride. The fat tires of the bike mean that the model F lacks a suspension system. It however remains to be seen how the tires can deliver a comfortable ride even in tough terrains. It is expected that the omission of a suspension system should result in a less-expensive e-bike.

The fat tires of the model F, BREKR says, will absorb the majority of the bumps and shocks coming from the road surface. In addition, the saddle has shock absorption built-in. The bike’s rear Bafang hub motor has an automatic two-speed transmission between high and low gear. The bike can navigate steep terrain and the top speed may fall within 25km/h according to European standards. Two battery options: 540Wh and 740Wh are available for the model F with a range of around 60km and 75km. The Model F could ideally achieve a riding range of 100km.

BREKR Model F e-bike

As per pricing, the BREKR model F is available for pre-order at a promotional price of €2,995 ($3,190). Only twenty units of the Launch Edition are available but full availability will be in Q3 2023. Customers can make a €9 ($9) deposit for the 2023 release of the Model F. Availability of the Launch Edition Model F is limited to the Netherlands. The First Edition model will be available in Germany and Belgium, as well as the Netherlands.




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