Best Galaxy S24 Carrier Deals: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Best Buy

We typically recommend that you buy your new phones directly from Samsung because they offer instant discounts (like these) through their trade-in program and often further enhance deals by upgrading storage or offering credits for accessories. But we are also aware that most folks don't want to buy direct because they would rather finance a phone purchase through a carrier to help reduce the upfront cost.

For the Galaxy S24 Series launch, all of the carriers are here for you if you don't want to fork out hundreds of dollars for a Galaxy S24 Ultra and would rather pay for it monthly through your carrier, spread out of multiple years. Best Buy is also one of the options, as they still sell Verizon and AT&T contracts, as well as the unlocked models you might get from Samsung.

Here are the best Galaxy S24 carrier deals from Verizon, AT&T, Fi, and more.

Best Buy Galaxy S24 Deals

Since Best Buy sells unlocked and carrier models of the Galaxy S24 Series, they might be the best place to start your journey in deciding which phone to buy or to see who has the best deal for you. You can get Verizon or AT&T models, plus unlocked variants run all of the way up to the 1TB level like they do from Samsung. Best Buy also appears to be trying to match Samsung's trade-in values, although they won't give you the instant discount.

Let's talk through Best Buy's S24 deals.

  • UNLOCKED: Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S24+ are up to $870 off with trade-in plus free storage upgrade. That's a combo of $750 in trade value with the $120 double-storage value together. Best Buy will also give you a $150 Best Buy gift card with an S24 Ultra purchase or $100 with the S24+. The smallest Galaxy S24 can take advantage of $600 trades, free storage upgrade, and a $50 gift card.
  • VERIZON: They are matching the Verizon deals we'll talk through below and adding on the free gift cards.
  • AT&T: Same thing here – Best Buy is matching AT&T's deals and adding on free gift cards.


Verizon Galaxy S24 Deals

Verizon, as you can imagine, has pretty big numbers attached to its Galaxy S24 launch deals with plenty of fine print to contemplate. The big pitch here is a free Galaxy S24 or Galaxy S24+, or $1,000 of a Galaxy S24 Ultra. Verizon will also offer you a free Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Tablet, but those freebies have their own fine print elements to deal with.

The basics are this: Verizon will give you free phones or $1,000 off the S24 Ultra if you trade-in your old phone (select phones get $1,000) and sign a 3-year contract which will get you the price of the device cleared as a bill credit spread out over those 3 years. You have to be on “Unlimited Ultimate or select Unlimited plan,” both new lines and upgrades can qualify, and the free storage upgrade that everyone else is running is a part of this too.

Is the free watch or tablet interesting you? Remember that they also want you to add that as a connected device on its own line that you'll have to have for 3 years. I'd recommend avoiding that and just buying the WiFi models of each if you really need one.

Complicated stuff, right? That's a carrier “deal” for you.


T-Mobile Galaxy S24 Deals

For T-Mobile, there are several options to get a Galaxy S24 Series phone at a discount, assuming you plan to stick with them for a couple of years.

For trade-ins, you can get $1,000 off any of the S24 phones and the list of trade-ins is quite long, reaching back as far as the Galaxy S9. You have to be on a Go5G Plus or Go5G Next plan and you'll get the value in credits over 24 months or 2 years. Hey, at least it's not 3 years like the other two major carriers.

For new lines, T-Mobile will drop $800 or $600 off depending on the plan, again spread out over 2 years. With new lines, no trade-ins are required.

In addition to those deals, T-Mobile will do a tablet discount (with new line), upgrade your storage like everyone else, and give you $200 prepaid cards for each new line you add.


AT&T Galaxy S24 Deals

AT&T's deals are pretty similar to what we talked through from Verizon above. AT&T will do up to $1,000 towards a Galaxy S24+ or Galaxy S24 Ultra, along with up to $800 towards the Galaxy S24. These are bill credit deals that also require trade-ins. You'll need to sign a 3-year contract, trade-in select “Samsung Galaxy S, Note, or Z series smartphone from any year.” These deals are available to new and existing customers on specific plans.

AT&T will also toss in a free tablet, but like Verizon, requires its own contract. “Deals!”


Google Fi Galaxy S24 Deals

Google's odd carrier option is doing some S24 deals, but they are on the lower end in terms of money back or discounts. They'll give you $650 off a Galaxy S24 Ultra, $550 off a Galaxy S24+, and $450 off the Galaxy S24. These discounts return to you as bill credits spread out over 24 months and you have to be a new customer.

For comparison, Google Fi will still give you $700 off a Pixel 8 Pro and that phone is months old. It appears the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series is not a top priority for Google Fi to bring in new customers.



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