Belkin Manufactures Battery Clip for the upcoming Apple Vision Pro

Belkin is set to release an official external battery clip for 's upcoming Vision Pro headset. The accessory specifically addresses a problem that users who want to use the Vision Pro on the go but don't have access to convenient storage options like pockets or backpacks face.

The Vision Pro headset is designed in a standalone configuration, featuring an external battery pack connected by a cable. To ensure user comfort and manage the device's weight, Apple has opted for an external battery, requiring users to carry it while in use. The Belkin battery clip provides a practical solution by allowing users to attach the battery pack to their clothing.

The Vision Pro headset, a new product category for Apple, is set to arrive on February 2, with pre-orders starting shortly. In a report, Bloomberg highlighted Belkin's development of the Apple Vision Pro battery clip. As the Vision Pro prioritizes user comfort by keeping the device weight manageable, the external battery pack introduces its own set of challenges. The clip addresses a key inconvenience associated with the bulkiness of the device, allowing users to keep their hands free for gestures and interactions with the Vision Pro while eliminating concerns about accidentally misplacing the battery.

The source quotes, “Belkin, will begin selling the clip alongside the Vision Pro when the headset debuts next month. Apple stores will stock the item, and, so far, it appears to be one of the only authorized accessories that will be available as early as launch day.”

Apple Vision Pro and Belkin Battery Clip Availability

This official accessory will be available for purchase starting from the Vision Pro's launch date on February 2, and both Belkin and Apple will offer it. Belkin, known for its range of Apple-endorsed accessories, including iPhone screen protectors and MagSafe charging stands, has collaborated with Apple to develop this accessory.

While additional accessories for the Vision Pro are expected post-launch, Belkin's battery clip stands out as the first official non-Apple accessory available for purchase on launch day. The pre-orders for Apple Vision Pro will start on January 19.



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