Baidu’s Xiaodu Tiantian Casa ARIA Smart Speaker debuts with transparent design, premium audio features

Xiaodu Technology, a subsidiary of Baidu, specializes in AI-powered smart devices, including smart speakers and displays, enhancing user experiences through Baidu’s DuerOS. They integrate advanced AI technologies, contribute to Baidu’s smart home ecosystem, and have achieved leadership in the Chinese market with substantial funding and valuation growth.

Earlier today, Xiaodu introduced its latest Tiantian Casa ARIA smart speaker in China which is now available for pre-order on

The speaker is initially priced at 3199 yuan ($437) and it features a transparent casing with white borders and 67 smart ambient lights. These lights can synchronize with different light effects, shadows, and color schemes, making it ideal for ambient lighting. The speaker also includes a rotary button on the bottom right that serves as a time display.

Xiaodu Tiantian Casa ARIA Smart Speaker Key Features:

The smart speaker uses LHDC high-resolution audio encoding and decoding technology, earning it dual gold certifications in HiRes and HiRes Wireless quality for exceptional audio performance.

Inside its transparent casing, there’s a custom 15W full-range speaker designed to resonate with the acoustic structure. The speakers have a frequency range of 60Hz to 20KHz and a 3300CC sound cavity. It also integrates with major music platforms like QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, and NetEase Cloud Music. Connectivity is seamless with Bluetooth 5.2+LHDC high-speed transmission, and it includes a 3.5mm audio input for traditional audio connections.

The speaker offers control options with a power button, rotary knob, and two additional buttons. The speaker weighs 3.21 kg and measures 287mm x 215mm x 104mm.

The speaker is powered by Baidu’s DuerOS 7.0 system, enabling intelligent voice interactions for tasks like setting alarms, checking the weather, or answering general knowledge questions.




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