Avatar Comparison: Meta vs. Apple – A Striking Difference

has joined the race to conquer the metaverse with the launch of its new extended reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, during the WWDC 2023 keynote on June 5. Although the company has not explicitly referred to the concept of the metaverse, some of the features announced are closely related to the virtual world promoted by other companies, such as Meta. One of the features of Vision Pro, virtual avatars, allows users to create their own artificial representation to interact with others in the virtual world.

Apple vs. Meta: The Battle for the Metaverse Intensifies with Vision Pro and Avatars

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While both companies have a similar approach, the execution is different. Apple‘s avatars are more realistic compared to Meta's more cartoonish aesthetic. However, Meta has been working on new technologies to generate more realistic representations of users. Meta's new generation of 3D avatars, announced as Codec Avatars during the Meta Connect 2022 conference, has a more realistic aesthetic comparable to that of Apple's avatars.

Apple‘s advantage is that users can create an avatar using only the Vision Pro glasses. While Meta requires the use of sophisticated recreation devices installed in the laboratories of Meta's Reality Labs division. And the process can take several hours. However, Meta will likely provide its users with the possibility of generating photorealistic avatars in a more accessible way in the future.

In summary, both Apple and Meta are competing to conquer the metaverse, but with different approaches. While Apple's avatars are more realistic, Meta is working on new technologies to generate more photorealistic avatars. The competition between the two companies will undoubtedly continue as both strive to establish themselves as leaders in the metaverse.

The metaverse is still in its early stages. And it is too early to say which company will be the most successful. However, the competition between Apple and Meta is sure to heat up in the years to come.

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