AT&T Can Get You a Pixel Fold for Half Price, No Trade-in Required

For those who may still be on the fence when it comes to dropping $1,799 on a Pixel Fold, fear not, that means you have a brain that is operating well. It’s a very expensive device, but thankfully, there are carriers and retailers out there looking to bring down the price of that device, while also benefiting themselves the best they can. It’s what some may see as a win-win.

AT&T is one of those companies, offering the device at half its price, so long as you intend on staying with the carrier for 3 years. When new and existing AT&T customers sign up for an eligible unlimited plan, they can get the Pixel Fold for $25/month for 36 months. Things to note, the discounted rate is in the form of monthly bill credits and you will need to be a well qualified buyer in order to take advantage of it. There is also no need for a trade-in, so that’s a bonus.

AT&T’s unlimited plans start at $65/mo for individuals, meaning all in with the $25/month Pixel payment, you should be sub-$100 for your phone bill and fancy new foldable phone. That’s not bad for an individual who is comfortable with a chunk of change going towards a mobile experience. For those of you with a family, it’s likely a different situation.

Follow the link below if half off is of interest to you.

Shop Pixel Fold

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