Apple will sadly not allow US users to download apps outside the App Store

Epic Games has lost its legal battle against , resulting in a victory for the tech giant on most points. The legal dispute began when Epic Games installed its own payment system in Fortnite. It was in violation of Apple's policies. As a result, the App Store banned Fortnite and Epic has since fought for an open iOS platform

Apple will ban downloading apps outside of the App Store in the US

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Although the US court has decided that iOS developers may advertise other payment methods within their apps, an open platform for iOS is still not guaranteed. This regulation already exists in other countries, but it is not certain whether it will take place in the US.

In Europe, however, Apple will be required to open up the platform. This will not affect users in Europe as the EU is planning appropriate precautions for open platforms. Apple may allow alternatives for the App Store for the first time in 2023 with iOS 17, but it is unlikely that they will market this change, as the App Store is a significant source of income.

In the USA, critics argue that alternative payment methods harm Apple users, but Apple can still sit back and relax. Ultimately, these arguments are just a facade to defend a profitable source of income. Apple's arguments make no sense if they offer a secure and open platform like macOS.

Overall, the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the openness of app platforms. While it remains to see whether an open iOS platform will become a reality in the US. Europe is taking steps to ensure that their users have access to more options. It is clear that the future of app platforms will continue to be a hot debate for years to come.

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