Apple quietly expands Find My network capacity to 32 devices

has discreetly increased the number of items you can track with its Find My app, quietly doubling the previous limit from 16 to 32 devices. This change was first spotted by Nicolas Alveraz (@nicolas09F9) in an Apple support document.

The updated limit applies to a wider range of devices than before, including AirTags, Apple headphones (including some Beats models), newer MagSafe wallets, and even third-party Find My network accessories like e-bikes.

It's worth noting that some AirPods models count as multiple items in Find My. Regular AirPods and first-generation AirPods Pro count as two items, while second-generation AirPods Pro count as three due to the ability to track the charging case individually.

This increase in the tracking limit likely addresses concerns from some users who reached the previous 16-item limit quickly, especially with the introduction of AirTags and the expansion of the Find My network to third-party devices.

Adding new devices to Find My remains straightforward. For example, adding an AirTag involves bringing it close to your iPhone, tapping the pop-up that appears, choosing a name, and then registering it with your Apple ID.

The updated Find My item limit is currently reflected in Apple's support documents but hasn't been formally announced by the company. It's nonetheless a welcome change for users who rely on the Find My network to keep track of their belongings.

The expanded Find My limit is a welcome change for Apple users who rely on the app to keep track of their belongings. It provides greater flexibility and peace of mind, knowing that more of your important items can be easily located if misplaced.



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