Apple CarPlay Exists In 98% Of The Cars In The US

Later yesterday, the Cupertino-based tech company known to everyone as held its annual developer conference. At WWDC22, introduced a number of new software and hardware products. Among them, what caught our eyes was its in-car system. We are talking about Apple’s phone beaming technology, namely CarPlay. The latter lets users mirror the interface and software of their iPhones to the car monitor. However, the new system has become more intuitive, and now, it is not only an entertainment platform but a tool to display various information, make adjustments, and ease interaction with the car.

According to the official statement, ’s new version of CarPlay will debut in cars in 2023. It supports multiple screen types and resolutions. So there is every reason to think that almost all bigwigs will provide support for the platform.

Unfortunately, didn’t make it clear whether the new iteration of CarPlay will work when the user’s iPhone is connected to the car via USB cable or wirelessly. But the company didn’t hesitate to mention once more time that CarPlay will share data in a quite secure way. Moreover, all top car brands will support it, including Mercedes, Honda, Acura, Audi, Porsche, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, Polestar, Nissan, Renault, Lincoln, and Ford.

car makers supporting carplay

CarPlay Updates

The new CarPlay system adopts a brand-new interface. It looks like the one on the iPad, but there are some noticeable differences as well. The new platform allows users to control the HVAC and air conditioning system from the screen directly. At the same time, you can check all critical car functions such as the speedometer, the RPM counter, etc. also showed how it will display trip computer, weather, navigation system, and fuel and battery levels.

Apple CarPlay information

Of course, CarPlay is not the only platform for cars. is actively working on its Automotive. And we have to say that the latter offers more opportunities, such as a dedicated app store. didn’t demonstrate anything like that for CarPlay.

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The company also introduced some interesting data. For instance, it turns out that 98% of the cars in the US had CarPlay. Moreover, 79% of users considered its presence while buying a new car. That’s not a secret that, for Apple, the US is one of the most important markets. And most of its products are for US customers. CarPlay is no exception. Honestly, it will be too difficult for Apple to compete with Chinese companies in this field. We mean there are myriads of China-based car makers, and they all cooperate with local big names in terms of in-car systems. Huawei is among them.

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