Apple admits the Mac is very poor in gaming – needs time to evolve

In a recent interview with TechCrunch, officials recently admitted that there is still a long way to go with respect to on its Mac. Also, MacWorld shares this view. They claim that while the Mac is pretty decent, its gaming capacity is far below average and at best irritating. There are a lot of areas needs to work on if it wants to attract gamers.

On Mac Mini official website, the description of its capacity reflects ’s standards. The company said

 “The amazing graphics processing performance of M2 or M2 Pro allows you to play graphics-intensive 3A game masterpieces such as “Pascal’s Contract” and enjoy smoothness. High frame rate and high fidelity picture.”

MacWorld paid $1800 for a brand-new Mac Mini with an M2 Pro chip. This device comes with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD which it used for the study. This Mac Mini can operate the majority of AAA games.  The tested game’s frame rate ranges from 70 to 120 frames per second when playing in Prioritize Graphics setting with 1080P resolution.

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The performance can be boosted by roughly 30% after turning on the MetalFX Upscaling feature in Quality mode.  Even in Prioritize Graphics mode, you may turn up the resolution to 4K and output at 40–60 frames per second. This means that while Macs play games rather well, Windows PCs are not vastly better at the same price and have a far less selection of games.

officials admit to Mac shortcomings

Apple chip designer Tim Miller, admits that the current Mac chips have a gap. He claims that rather than saying “Mac is a superb gaming platform” in its ads, Apple would instead keep enhancing Apple Silicon’s gaming capabilities.

Apple Mac

The January 2023 Steam Hardware and Software Survey Report was just made public by Valve. Operating system-wise, the percentage of Linux users has remained constant, while the percentage of macOS users has climbed by 0.13 percentage points compared to the previous month, with a current share of 2.61%.

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